Friday, January 22, 2010

Storytelling now and then...

Every Wednesday I meet up with fellow artists and friends at a local coffee shop.

There tends to be some great discussion of art of comics and other mediums.

This past week it was a much smaller group of us and it was the few that are really into cinema as well.

What we have all noticed is that storytelling is not just falling apart in comics but movies as well. I made a comment on how the 60-80's comics all had really good storytelling and that a few artists seem to really catch onto cinematic techniques.

I have been on a Hitchcock kick lately and started to notice that alot of my favorite artists seem to have sequences or shots right out of these classic films. I know Jack Kirby use to have his TV on almost at all time while he was working as company but I bet it influenced some of his visuals for sure.

Another one of the group noted how comics tried to be too much like movies now and the movies now are trying to be too much like video games. I hope they do find a balance in this. The story is what is the most important if you want to have something that is great. A weak story with great visuals is just a picture book. A great story with weak art is still a great story and can always be improved on later.

One of my own personal goals is to make sure I am telling the story first and using the art to guide you.

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  1. Too bad I missed this session.

    I always felt that visual storytelling in movies and comics were cut from the same cloth with the story enhancing the visuals and the visuals enhancing the stories told. I think drama and action displayed (on page or screen) right is very powerful when done right. The viewer is not conscience of the artist or writer but just the story. I think that aspect is missing in many modern films and comics.