Monday, June 14, 2010

R.I.P. Al Williamson

We lost another great legend in illustrators of amazing art.


If you have not seen his work I suggest you check it out!

He was an amazing artist in his own right and a legendary inker.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I have been given a "Kreativ Blogger Award"!

Good old Benito Gallego, from blog Callaghan's Inn has sent to me the nice award that you can see at the top. Thanks man, I really appreciate it! It must be because of that nice interview I did with him last year. ;-)

Now it's my turn because this award has its own rules.

Let's see:

(1) Thank the person that nominated me. (It's already done.)

(2) Copy the award and put it on my blog. (Done.)

(3) Link back to the blog that nominated me (Done.)

(4) Name seven things about myself other people might find interesting. (See below.)

(5) Nominate seven other Kreativ Bloggers. (Also below.)

(6) Leave them a comment so they know they have been nominated. (will do)

Seven things about me..

1.)Been married for over 10 years

2.)Train in Full Contact Bare Knuckle Karate(

3.)Never Broke a bone(at least not yet.)

4.)After not playing RPG's for many years I have recently gotten back in with some retro action(

5.)I love Subaru's

6.)I have a large collection of Transformers from G1 to Movies

7.)I do not draw as much as I should!