Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thor Test Page for Jam at PencilJack

Recently I have discovered a great site for artists.

Great people there. They all love illustration and comic books.

They are there to learn from and help each other. Not a place to go if you think you know it all or aren't willing to "unlearned what you have learned"

So far I am on track to being a better artist. I have a skechblog there for crits and it has helped me a ton. I try to join in on some of the community projects too.

This Thor page was for one such Jam.


I am not happy with it. I have learned from it though and that is what matters to me as an artist.

Onward and Upward as a certain Sensei has told me many times.


  1. Thanks Paul! When I was done I set up a few feet away and spot checked it. Then I noticed some balance issues and corrected them.