Wednesday, November 4, 2009

So where to begin?

I am an aspiring artist who loves classical comic illustration.

My inspirations are the great storytellers of our past.

Jack Kirby,Alex Toth,Noel Sickles,John Romita,John Buscema!

Also some of the modern storytellers who have these kind of values!

John Romita JR,Bruce Timm,Steve Rude,Darwyn Cooke,Erik Larsen,Etc.

I appreciate the sexy inks that the brush work can do. The way the light and shadow play in these panels!

Things you will not see...

Line art with no weights or straight to pencil panels

Overdone photoshop disease art.

I did this pic of Steve Rude and Gary Martin's THE MOTH!


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  1. Nice work on the inks.
    Looking forward to future posts!